Resolute Reminders is a boutique company operating out of sunny Queensland, Australia.

Our products aim to ignite positive behaviours in people by simply helping them focus their attention on specific goals in a certain way.

To change your life you need to feel your goals. You need to mentally and emotionally experience them.  What you need are powerful tools you can immerse yourself in and a very special way of bringing them to life.

We create wearable reminders for people who want to wear their intention

Haven't you had a new t-shirt  (or item of clothing) that felt so new you were conscious of it every moment? That's exactly that happens when you move into a new psychological state. If a certain state is new, you think everyone knows it, but no one knows or cares, so you may as well walk in the state until it becomes natural. The moment the feeling is natural, the world conforms to your new perspective.

Wear a new item of clothing long enough for it to feel natural and you'll no longer be conscious of it being new. The same is true for a psychological state. You may desire the state of being wanted. If you will think you are in demand and remain conscious of the state long enough to make it natural, as the thoughts flow from you they become a natural part of your body of beliefs, and the world will proclaim your popularity.  


We become what we think about.
Stay focused with Resolute Reminders!